There are two kinds of people when it comes to vapes – those who like them and those who don’t. The vast majority of people that purchase a Nico Vaporizer are those who enjoy the flavor of the original Nike Vaporizer plus they like the style and look of the device. They like the fact that these vaporizers use a NiCad (or nickel cadmium) battery built in the bottom. These batteries have become extremely common among today’s vaporizers because they are highly efficient and durable. This is one of the biggest reasons that these machines are so popular.


The machine itself looks sort of like the classic green fire alarm from the Nikes commercials with the red lights and the halo. If you are looking for a good vaporizer and this is one of the better ones that you can buy, the newest version of the nico Vaporizer is the Nike Vapid Lite. This particular model has all the great features of the original but it also comes in a package that is much more affordable than any of the other models in the past.

The basic unit includes a built-in microwave, stainless steel brush, stainless steel water tank, stainless steel non-stick dishwasher safe magnets, and a stainless steel user manual. You will also find that there is a built-in microwave and a dishwasher safe magnet in the unit. A NiCad (or nickel cadmium) battery is used in the unit as well as a rechargeable battery. When you purchase a nico Vaporizer you are getting more than just a great vaporizer. It also includes many useful accessories.

One of the neat things that the vaporizer has is the adjustable three levels power control. This allows you to set the power to your desired level. There is a very low, medium, and high setting. On the other hand, the real function of this unit is the quality of the vapor that it produces. It has a nice cool, buttery flavor and tastes like the real e-juice that you would get from a retail store. It has a nice level of consistency that is comparable to a higher priced formula.

You can use the NiCad batteries in this product in two different ways. You can either replace the NiCad battery with a new one, or you can also use the built-in NiCad battery charging system that comes with the kit. Using the NiCad rechargeable battery, you can power the machine for one hour before you plan on recharging it again. When you use the built-in charger the optimal flavor level that you want is provided and you do not have to worry about changing out the batteries or waiting for the optimal flavor because the charger provides one.

The magnets that are used to keep the cartridges charged in the NiCad batteries are what make this unique as far as electronic cigarettes go. The magnets create a magnetic field that draws in the air into the device and holds it there. This allows for the vapor to be breathed in without even trying.

The two pieces of the electronic cigarette that are unique to the NiCad e-juice system are the power button and the magnetic connection port. The power button is used to turn on the device and it also turns off the power but unlike the e-juice tanks that use the standard wire connection, the power button is different. The NiCad qcell quartz battery has a magnetic connection that makes it easier for the electronic cigarette to last longer without having to constantly refilling the cartridges. The built in NiCad charger allows for an optimal level of charging so the device can be used throughout the night and even outdoors.

The NiCad E-juice system comes with two different types of refilling materials. There is the built in NiCad cartridge and the removable NiCad extra-charging cartridge. You can also get a magnetic nicotine patch which comes with the e-juice and works like the normal nicotine patches except it has a magnetic connection with the electronic Cigar so it is easier to take along with you. The best thing about these two is they are both built with a long term warranty meaning you don’t have to be disappointed with your purchase for a long time.