What kind of vape you like? When choosing an electronic atomizer Vaper holds not only the appearance and quality of the product, but also an important factor is the taste.

A vape smoking is good, of course, the necessary conditions! But “smoking good” and brings a number of subjective judgments about a thousand Hamlet read in the eyes of thousands of people. flavor vape for IJOY captain. “The rate of acceptance” everyone is different, they are not demanding sense of attack throat, the taste for authentic flavors, some prefer cool and fresh, and some prefer a high detoxification, etc.

Eineine principle electronic atomizer has a flavor that is relatively simple, mainly based on normal tobacco and fresh mint. Over time, it starts getting a lot of sense are gradually emerging in the market, and Vaper also marked the beginning of carnival flavor. Currently, the dominant flavors in the traditional sense of the tobacco market, fresh minty and a variety of fruit flavors such as lychee flavor, peach flavor, watermelon flavor, lemon flavor and so Asmodus vape.

But regardless of how the taste varies classic electronic atomizer and explosives (sense) “Jianghu country” remains stable. If the new stars Houlang (taste) want to compete, you have to work hard Vaper …

Fruit flavor vape
What sense IJOY easy vape smoke? classic flavors

Pak decent flavor electronic sprayers, almost all brands have a sense of this, and its presence brings Vaper generation memory. Tobacco taste is relatively high, and do not leave the mouth, which causes a strong stimulation to the human body. At the same time, a high level of addiction. Two to three mouth can give you the pleasure of smoking a middle-aged. Therefore, even in the face of exploding flavors, it is always invincible IJOY Captain 2 Mod.

Taste: The entrance has a very soft feel a slight smell of tobacco and do people not strong, but have a strong sense of the throat and is very addictive. After exhaling, there is a little sweet in the mouth and aftertaste is endless.

Suitable for people: smoking Vaper certain age can experience bring satisfaction, but also bring fun to enjoy not only by tobacco smoke IJOY Neptune.

What a sense of easy vape smoke? Icy Mint

oil Wanjin in nebulizer electronics may not only contain and all kinds of aroma and flavor of cigarette oil IJOY Mystique Tank containers of relief, but also the basis for all other flavors, so no matter how many iterations taste you have, you still have a strong vitality.

Taste: The reception brought a very subtle sensation with refreshing mint taste very nice, and the cooling sensation of mint in your mouth at the time left. Its mint flavor comes from the addition of menthol TimesVape hide strong astringent effect of smoking. It felt soft and clean aftertaste, fat-free or light.

Suitable for: men or women Vaper, the first choice for beginners, for those who love the spring of mint.

What a sense of easy vape smoke? Mung bean ice Extreme

Some people may question the popularity of TOP electronic nebulizer. Mercury IJOY vape green pea pod system so attractive, but the actual sales volume is the best reason to block a doubt.

The taste experience: a the same as the taste of childhood, the entrance is cool and fun, like green bean paste in the summer in memory, with a gulp, the heat throughout the body can withdraw immediately.

Suitable for the crowd: like beginner Vaper Vaper and fans, green bean paste

What a sense of easy vape smoke? watermelon Ice

It is said that the summer is complete without watermelon, so JVE not a new thing for me, when summer comes, and the atomizer Watermelon Lolly which Vaper possible to spend the summer with no regrets.

What kind of vape you like? When choosing an electronic atomizer Vaper holds not only the appearance and quality of the YOOZ vape.

Taste: similar to the product of the combination

watermelon bubble gum and watermelon drinks, sugary and greasy is style. Ice-cold watermelon juice ice-cold watermelon feeling and aroma can be restored, and fun.

Suitable for the crowd: young Vaper who love ice / watermelon flavor

What flavor is easy to Eleaf vape vape smoke? Popular taste, in addition to the traditional extraction process, mainly depend on the proportion of different materials from perfume to “create”. Different combinations can create subtle scent, or uncontrollable, or want, and let the aroma showed kaleidoscopic posture.