The “vape” absorbs the vapor generated by heating the liquid liquid dedicated to By Vaping 360. Because it does not smoke, tar, a carcinogen, does not accumulate in the body, and some liquids do not even contain nicotine. Although vapes seem to be healthier than this kind of cigarettes, it is sometimes pointed out that liquids contain chemicals such as fragrances, so their harmful effects are different from cigarettes. Which cigarette or vape is worse for you? A scientifically proven movie is released.

Cigarettes made from tobacco leaves are commercially available. Heating with a lighter, etc. will produce smoke.

The smoke produced by heat contains nicotine, which is absorbed into the blood through the lungs when inhaled. The result is a faster heart rate, blood vessel constriction, dopamine release, and awakening of the brain.

However, by taking nicotine multiple times in the body, the effects of nicotine can cause poisoning.

When marijuana is ignited like tobacco, THC, which is the active ingredient, is atomized and inhaled, but what kind of effect the marijuana produces after being absorbed by the human body is explained in detail in another movie “Your” “Cannabis Brain”.

Unlike chewing tobacco and marijuana biscuits, biologically active substances can reach the nervous system in just 6 seconds after smoking inhalation.

The smoke from burning tobacco leaves also contains tar. Tar is carcinogenic and has health hazards such as darkening teeth and reducing the function of taste buds. This is a well-known fact.

This is the origin of the “MBR Plus vape”. If only the main components are heated to atomize and do not cause the combustion reaction of the compound, in theory, the effect of smoking can be quickly achieved without causing the harm of inhaling smoke. A typical vape smoking device is made of glass or metal, and has an electric heat generator inside. By controlling the heating temperature by electric heating, the active ingredient can evaporate with minimal combustion without inhaling a large amount of smoke.

Even before the advent of vapes, there was a smoking device called “Vepolizer” that was very popular among cannabis users. By heating cannabis leaves to 185 to 210 degrees Celsius, you can inhale gas extracted only from the active ingredient THC, without burning the leaves.

Unlike an evaporator, voopoo mod  vapes do not heat tobacco leaves, but a special liquid called “e-liquid”. E-Liquid is based on water and nicotine, contains some flavors, and evaporates at a much lower temperature than directly heating the leaves.

E-Liquid uses hygroscopic oily liquids, such as propylene glycol, which is also added to cosmetics and food. This substance is also used as smoke in theaters and is known to irritate the eyes and respiratory tract.

What happens when the voopoo drag kit  vape liquid containing propylene glycol is vaporized and inhaled? Although it is E-liquid approved by the US FDA, many scientists are still studying its health effects, which is still unknown.

In addition, the ingredients added in the vape liquid vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.Some e-liquids contain an ingredient called diacetyl, which has a buttery or cheese-like smell.It is a chemical substance added to foods that use butter, but it is well known that the use of diacetyl in popcorn can cause damage to the lungs and respiratory tracts of popcorn factory employees, resulting in “popcorn lungs.” Adding diacetyl to vape liquid, although it is not clear whether it is harmless as an vape inhalation, this is an example of poor quality control of e-cigarette liquid.

The advantages of vapes have been exposed at this time, because less smoke is inhaled, so the impact of carcinogens such as nicotine can be minimized.

However, it has been found that e-liquids such as blueberries and grapes contain toxic substances that are different from nicotine. In addition, the smoke (vapor) of vapes is called “ultra-fine particles,” and it is said that passive smoking may have an adverse effect on the lungs of people around. An increasing number of minors smoking vapes is also a problem, because vapes are “healthier” than ordinary cigarettes.

Studies have shown that in the UK, the harm of vapes is about 95% lower than that of cigarettes

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