What are the flavors of yooz e-cigarettes? There are many flavors of yooz. Here I will introduce them one by one. Of course, I have to say that there are 1,000 Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people. The taste of e-cigarettes is also the same. It is only used as a reference for help.

The e-cigarette brand yooz’s cartridges are formulated with nicotine salt smoke oil. Currently there are rock sugar Sydney, jasmine tea, classic original flavor, refreshing mint, moisturizing ice lotus, happy mung bean, sweet lychee, fresh lemon, ice alcohol mango, refreshing 20 flavors including cantaloupe, lime honey pomelo, crystal pineapple, peach oolong, ice green tea, ice wine, taro pop, soft original flavor, flavored old popsicle, phantom black ice and so on. From the content point of view, classic, refreshing, moisturizing, black ice are 5%, and other flavors are 3%. Players can choose their own tastes according to their needs.

Among them, the jasmine flavor is the unique flavor of YOOZ. The light jasmine tea fragrance can make the mouth full of fragrance. Users who love jasmine fragrance are worth a try. In addition to classic tobacco, Illusion Black Ice is also a tobacco-flavored cartridge. The difference is that Illusion Black Ice has a mint flavor. The taste mimics popcorn tobacco.

Like the cool feeling: Qingrun ice lotus, refreshing mint, phantom black ice, enjoy green beans, flavor old popsicle. Among them, the illusion is the coolest, and then the refreshing. The taste of the moisturizer is relatively moderate.

Love the fruity flavor: fresh lemon, ice mellow mango, lime honey pomelo, sweet lychee, refreshing cantaloupe, rock sugar Sydney, peach oolong, crystal pineapple. Among them, lemon, lychee, cantaloupe, snow pear, pineapple flavor, fruit flavor is relatively pure, moderate cooling, not very cold, and some are not cold. Lime honey pomelo and peach peach oolong, more like the tea in the cold drink shop, are not bad, the taste is more pure than drinking.

Like to drink tea: ice green tea, jasmine tea. Ice green tea tastes like the drink from a master, with moderate cooling. Jasmine tea is more like the kind of tea leaves, sweet and sweet, full of fragrance.

There is also an ice wine, although this one is not as good as Changyu Jiebaina, but it also has its unique flavor.

to sum up:

Hot tastes: refreshing mint, happy green beans, flavored old popsicles, sweet lychees, peach oolong, ice wine. Each has its own advantages and different characteristics.

The most popular flavors: Qingrun ice lotus, lemon, mango, honey pomelo, cantaloupe, pineapple, jasmine.