In the first, the food was the only way for ordinary people to get the taste. However, IJOY Vape POD some people think that the taste is not enough just food, so they invented perfume, which is a pure and flavor end, as in the movie “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” tastes-some might ago crazy people and even killed.

But besides food and perfume, no other medium can offer a more charming, free, and more flavor options, ie, IJOY VAPE, electronic steam.

In 1983, an article in “New Society” (New Society) used the term “vaping” for the first time, describing the smoke vapor had not come at that time. Readers at that time must have thought that the arrival of this would be far YOOZ Vape , even a fantasy, but IJOY now, after decades have passed, the future has arrived

This type of smoke steam heats the oil smoke through the device to release various flavors. People can inhale the vapor released in the lungs like a Timesvape VAPE, and vividly feel the different flavors.

vaporizer vaping
Electronic steam was highly recognized by the world in January 2014, when Leonardo? DiCaprio attended the celebration of the Golden Globe awards. It has nothing to fuss. I should have been there. What is really surprising is that it was swallowing clouds and fog all night without any cover, suspected of being open. Provoked smoking ban 20 years of California, IJOY Mystique tank but actually smoked vaporizer.

That was the first time VAPE became a great show in public. The effect of celebrity and the basis of the original mass of VAPE have significantly increased the frequency of the word VAPE. In August 2014, “Vape” was officially included in the Oxford Dictionary and became the new word of the year in the Oxford Dictionary.

And Leonardo could have exhaled breath most striking and famous in the history of the vaporizer that night.

VAPE so fascinating is that it has many places to play. Some people like to high-quality equipment vape I collect worldwide. Some assets of the group limited edition sold tens of thousands of yuan and are difficult to find; colis IJOY Neptune X Pod

Some people are obsessed with yourself, and end exquisite filigree and display it in the INS, and communicate with friends;

Some people are carrying out big smoke. There are almost smoke major competitions in VAPE exhibitions worldwide. See exhaling smoke along thick in one breath. The prize money for the champions is as high as 10,000 yuan;

Some people pursue smoke fantasy, whether it is a jellyfish or a machine gun, provided that a circle can attract viewers around the world, the famous more in America VGOD team is touring throughout the year, countless followers, and therefore Pod System has its own brand IJOY Captain 2 Mod;

There are also people who try to experience the ultimate flavor. There are many flavors vaporizer, such as snuff, fruit, dessert, tea, wine, drink … There are countless small vape IJOY Mod kits below these broad categories. When you walk into any electronics store steam, there are at least hundreds of e-liquid flavors to choose from, and some experts can even make your own flavors.vaporizer Many people love him, how many people hate

For some people, this is not an ordinary drink of steam. It is always changing and endless. Eleaf vaporizer It can be the strength to start again, and can become a light to remove the darkness. It is the heart of many people, little secret of every sip of steam. No one else can know that life would be so boring without this smell.

Today, this group of people is expanding at an incredible speed. They call VAPOR, and play the “future products” described in the article “New Society” Asmodus Vape that year in a variety of shapes and wonderful. Many people describe this madness as another revolution steam vapor.

Unfortunately, the same as every new thing born, as many people love, because many people hate, not to mention this new thing definitely harm the interests of others. With the rapid growt