Vpeciga lost vape orion has a beautiful fresh, as a mini-mod box with a front panel and carbon fiber. These devices are available in a variety of colors, including black, stainless steel, gold and blue, as well as the design of “shells” instead of carbon fiber, according to where you got. All very well, but the range of options that gives plenty of choice when it comes to getting your ideal look. coloring only refers to the frame around the screen and the front and rear edges with pods have always black dye and airflow details translucent ring silver and the fill port.


DNA Orion GB Review – pod design

Go DNA Orion pod has a rectangular shape with some sections cut along the lower edge to match the body of the device. They are connected to a connection point of the line at the bottom of the sheath with the device itself, then, they opened downward instead of using this as if it were a hinge. To lock, you have to pull the tab on the front of the unit, then push when the sheath is connected.

DNA Orion GB Review – Loading ports

filling holes in the pod did a great job becomes both simple and reliable. There is a very metal screw cap to uncover the fill hole, which is nice and big so you will have no problem filling bottles with all kinds of e-juice. It contains 2 ml of liquid, and is divided into two parts, with the lower half of the coil in the rear of the funnel and serves as an open space between the chimney. Generally they have a design that is very simple to do whatever is necessary, keeping all easy to use.

Control of the mouth and airflow

Go DNA Orion mouth and air flow control

Funnel Orion DNA was irreplaceable, but has a sufficiently large diameter to allow good air circulation, and associated with a unique control system airflow around the base. Style slot is the air flow, with the outer ring, sawtooth pivoted so it can close or open two small slots according to their preferences. This allows some flexibility in a kind of draw you get, especially considering the location is much smaller than you would in a tank system regularly.

front panel

DNA missing Orion vaporizer GB Review – User Interface

The front of the device is where most of the action takes place, but again it is very easy to use, even if you are new to vaping. There are four main sections at the front, with taken to remove and replace the gondola, button circle fire under the right mouse button is used to scroll through the settings available energy and LED light displays multi-colors of your system battery indication when turning and when Vape. A missing vaporizer did a great job to get a lot of functionality in the system is very simple.

USB port

In a first look at the device, you may notice that there is no micro-USB port in sight. In fact, there is a flap in the bottom corner of the front of the device is removed for access. port mounted only on the bottom of the device, and is sticky easy to access a fingernail under the lid and pull it down. This is a design feature is very large, offering easy access to the load without impact on the overall appearance of DNA Orion GB.


Vapeciga lost vape orion offers the perfect balance between performance, functionality and ease of use. You will be comfortable with it if this is the first device vaping or 50 you.

DNA missing Orion vaporizer GB Review – Features

DNA Orion Go – Power Settings

power settings

Inclusion of a DNA chip as DNA Orion go to account on the device normally receives a sheath chamber. device Pod only three power settings, marked with white (low), blue (medium) and red (top) LED color with a setting operation red until 30 continuous W four seconds and a breath to a maximum of 40 W factory, a lower setting is 11 W, appropriate adjustments of the center is 13 W and its application is 15 W, each with a boost to the beginning of your draw.

WRITES software can adjust these settings according to your preferences. Although the standard option – in combination with two options of the two sheaths 0.25 and 0.5 ohms – covers a lot of ground, which allows to increase the maximum support unit watts (30 W 40 W continuous pulse).

In general, adjustment and lower pod best resistance to solid liquid-nicotine salts and-liquid or E, defining a nacelle and a lower works better resistance juice standard and low nicotine. You can change the settings by pressing the side button. Pressing displays your settings (with the LED colors), and the next pressing cycle through the available settings. So it is very easy to use and has more than enough power options to suit your tastes.

Indicator of battery life

A Pressing the shutter button twice gives a glimpse of the battery in the device with a color palette is as follows:

Blue: 95 100%

Green: 70 to 95%

Yellow: 30 to 70%

Red: 15 to 30%

Blinking Red: 10 to 15%

The system works when the charging indicator, too, so it’s easy to see how this process.

upgradeable firmware and WRITES

Be the lost vape orion show new provides device firmware upgradeable and can be configured by software on your PC WRITES. The fairly easy WRITES software to use, with the main stage of the devices displayed on the main screen, divided into settings DL (directly to the lungs) and MTL (mouth to the lungs), with a field to fill any desired power each setting. Firmware upgrades are detected automatically by the software and can update the device no – showed I link at the top of the home screen then click to update the device. As a DNA test Orion Go vaporizer missing, we will not go into more details about the software, but pick it out fast enough!

Performance – The steam

Go DNA put a lot of steam to meet their requirements, even at the lowest. Of course, it depends on the direction of juice and use the air flow and the strength of its settings in operation. However, even testing e-liquid in the upper-PG salt at the lowest setting, the steam production is equivalent to vape pen. If you change the highest setting and VG E-liquid is higher, you get the performance that all but a dedicated hunter cloud will be happier.

Of course this varies pod used, with low resistance, DL supplied with steam from the best selection kit production but version MTL is always very well also. Generally, you will not be disappointed by what you can do.

Performance – Taste

The taste of peas are also quite impressive. Especially compared to other capsule, all notes of different flavors of juice that really pop and have found very clear. Performance in terms of flavor works well with PG and VG-based liquid, but as a regular part of getting the best flavor is to find an ideal setting for juice. adjust the power that works well for this, but of course, you have more control over performance is obtained when the writing software opens and dial in a specific context.

In general, however, very good taste, in any situation, and have many options to suit your preferences.

charge the battery and

Go Orion DNA has an integrated battery of 950 mAh. This may not seem too traditional mods, but even compared to the vaporizer pen is the battery life is quite large, and compared to other capsule, which was very good. Thanks to the low power operation in general, which fails costs because the device sheath and an internal battery type DNA Orion GB comfortable for a whole day vaping.

The charging process is very fast with the included USB cable, which was announced on 45 minutes, but still less than an hour, in practice, although little use of the vaporizer made according to the load on the device. Again, the color scheme for charging and LED, so they have a constant indication of the distance you are.

Ease of use – and pods fill change

DNA missing Orion vape GB – charging pod

As device inlet end, usability is very important when it comes lost vape orion click in. The good news is that it is very good in that department. replenishment system is as easy as that with a screw cap system for filling simple hole: it is enough to open the cover, filling and screw in place. Of course, the car itself is transparent so you can easily see how it will be full. Changing the protection does not affect the level of juice so you can fill up to the top without spilling.

Change the cover is very easy, simply pull the latch on the front and pull the front up. Changing the sheath is the reverse process, align the contact points, pull the tab and turn the front into place, press the new seal in place when finished.

And as mentioned above, a simple system for controlling the front, it is very easy to dial in the settings and go through the normal process of vaping.

Convenience and portability

The small size of the DNA Orion GB means fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and adapt quickly to hold for the thumb naturally falls into the firing button. Means square is not very comfortable with a strong grip, but is small enough that you can easily keep anyway. As for portability, it is very compact and can easily fit in a pocket or purse.

DNA is the departure of Orion?

As more devices sheath system, Orion DNA will do a lot eliminating any possibility of leakage is effectively a closed system design. The only way you’ll end up with a leak is if you pass the – certainly big enough – to fill the hole in your e-juice. I did not even see condensation problems, while vaping.

Go DNA vs Orion Orion Q

Go DNA Orion and Orion Q

Version DNA Orion Orion has much in common with Q. They both a nacelle 2 ml, 950 mAh internal battery and the same basic design. The main difference is the chip on DNA release and Orion Q does not have power settings or secondary buttons to control. The room in which it is in the DNA of Go is a micro USB port for charging a simpler version. The performance of two well, but the taste and vapor in the DNA Go is significantly better than the Orion Q. Overall, however, the two devices is quite solid, and Orion Q much cheaper if you are on a budget.

You can buy here:lost vape orioni  https://www.vapeciga.com/products/lost-vape-orion-q-aio-kit-950mah-pod-system

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