The ijoy vaper by vaporizerking is a truly revolutionary electronic cigarette that will change the way you view smoking forever. This product is the first of it’s kind and it has taken all the previous products out of the market place. Now it has taken the top spot. The ijoy vaporizer has some impressive features and you should definitely check it out.

If you were to compare the two products before purchase you would immediately notice that the ijoy shogun 180w mod is superior to the vaporizerking ijoy dab. It’s larger, has better build quality, more advanced features, and is more affordable. There are many reasons for the superior quality ijoy shogun, but probably the most important one has to be the extreme durability of the modern Vaporizers. The built in temperature control ensures that your new mod will always be ready when you are.

The ijoy vaporizer by vaporizerking is powered by one of the most advanced technologies in it’s class, the univibe. It utilizes a high powered real time quartz heater core to give you an exceptional and safe vapor experience with amazing flavor consistency. It uses no electricity, no batteries, and no odor. All of the power utilized goes into heating the quartz coil, which results in maximum heat production and a full voltage power boost. The result is unmatched accuracy and potency in your vapor delivery.

The ijoy 180w produces a very powerful vapor that is smooth, rich, and highly concentrated. This product also has a unique colorway that will change with your every mood. There are three colorways available, each one being a completely different color blend. This is due to the univibe heating core, which allows us to offer you a full spectrum of colors. You will love all three colors because each one offers you a very unique flavor experience.

One of the greatest features of the ijoy vaporizer by vaporizerking is the interchangeable bowls and bases. Every bowl is unique because it is hand painted with a photo of your choice. You can use this photo to personalize your ijoy shogun univ 180w box mod. You can place photos of family and friends on the bases so that they are reminders of good times. The colors are vibrant and will bring memories right to mind.

The built in battery and power brick give you extra longevity and are extremely durable. This means that you do not have to be concerned about replacing batteries quite as often. This makes it a must have for any vaper that wants a long lasting device. The ijoy vaporizer by vaporizerking also has the unique feature of having a centered stainless steel 510 connection, which allows for an extremely efficient build.

It uses a unique magnetic power pack system to maintain a stable, safe temperature for extended sessions. The magnetic battery isolates the heating element, creating a much cooler running device. The ijoy Vaporizer by vaporizerking also has a unique resculpting system that keeps the inner heating coil clean and free of debris. It has a one year limited express warranty, and is constructed out of high quality stainless steel. This mod also has a double centered stainless steel airflow control, a double ceramic layer counterbalanced by a single magnetized body, and a two layers glass fiber or carbon fiber body.

The ijoy vape has two modes; one for the start of the day and one for the end of the night. This mod has an incredible two minute LED display. There is also a click turn off feature. The other major characteristic of the ijoy Vaporizer by vaporizerking is the double centered stainless steel airflow control, along with the double ceramic wave shield. This feature ensures that your device does not become overheated. It also helps in providing consistent flavorful vapor with superior resistance protection.