The new vapeciga vv box mod is the latest in a line of Odin, but with an important difference was Dovpo DOVPO chipset and the screen instead of DNA75c and change color / small design.

Collaboration with the c ** t vaping Australian Bogan, who respected Vaperz Cloud and Dovpo. The 100 is equipped DOVPO Odin chipset, intelligent and dynamic chipset that allows for better battery efficiency and user-friendly interface to carry. Being able to harness the power between 1-100W Odin 100 is powered by batteries 18650, 20700 or 21700, sold separately. USB port Type C. On the other hand, Odin 100 is built with a modern update to the original, rounded edges applying for ergonomic handling and choice of colors.

Bogan is a vaporizer vaping critical and Australian designer, a quick search on YouTube will inform you about the style, love or hate, but he knows what he does.

I do not know much about Vaperz the cloud, but I know they were looking product is unique and well designed, but only a little of my reach.

Now I do not know who is responsible for what in the design, manufacture Dovpo clear, but the rest is a mystery to me, all I can say they are a great team.


· Size: 36.3 x 32 x 90.5mm

· Material: aluminum / zinc alloy Alloy +

· Display: TFT color display 0.96 “

· Battery: 1 x 18650/20700/21700 (not included)

· Output Watt: 1-100W

· Output voltage: 3.2 ~ 4.2V

· Resistance Range: 0.06-3.5ohm

· Charging time: Type-C 5V / 1A


Odin 100 comes in a good compact housing, the outer sleeve has only a logo with the introduction and the content in the back, after removal of the outer cover not black box together with Odin raised logo 100, two notches to facilitate opening and lose more mod documents held in place with foam and another box containing a very elegant, well worth the long USB cable and wrap-C batteries.

Now I prefer my mods bright bling, so I’m very pleased that topside squonk mod Show new sent me a choice of polished silver, but to be honest I do not think there is a bad choice of color, just enough red or gray satin Lead also but it’s when you go out and hold it in my hand when I really appreciate it (what he said), it felt so good (that’s what she said) and mild, usually get the picture before using my mod but I honestly can not wait for another shrimp on the barbie lobed …… Oooops I LOB average of 21,700 batteries in it.


· 1 x 100 Odin Mod Box

· 1 x additional deformations replacement battery

· Type C Cable 1 x USB

· User Manual x 1

· Signal Map battery use 1 x

· 1 x card media

· 1 x quality control certificate

First impression

For my first impression, I vaping Bogan …….

“Good, asshole, cold, spray, beer, fucking c ** ts, companion blood oath, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, drongos, hey bruce where my koala, Foster took me My God, is a fellow Wallaby cactus ! Maaate why Britain is much better than ours? “

If all goes well above your head, do not come in clearly vaping Bogan, which I mentioned in my commentary Mini BLOTTO, he said it was a high color character is an understatement.

A bit of trivia for us non-Australian:

Bogan – Used for people who are Australian southerner.

Aaaand’m back in the room, my first impression was perfect, modern look and feel good and nice touches like wrapping the battery cable and USB-C defined quality in a good state of mind.

To be 100% honest with you, I am very disappointed that basium squonk mod get code not send me my little mind closed DNA75c version, and what to expect, I think Odin 100 will be a poor mans DNA75c but was actually an incredibly small model and a selection along with the output of 100 watts and an exceptional Dovpo menu system.

Appearance and ergonomics

In Odin picture is not very appealing to me, I liked the orderly ventilation, but the rest seems a bit generic and designed around a council of DNA, it is only when held and reproduces light the simple beauty looks Odin, I’m a professional photographer, but I can do justice in a 360-degree video, depending on the angle you look at the desired look.

As you can see in the picture above; which BLOTTO Mini looks great on a black contrast what is right for justice Atty Odin, I BLOTTO RTA Mini opinion here:

that does not fail, the weight of tanks and 21,700 batteries was heavy, but not too much, tankless models and battery feels very light feeling, feel it as high quality and substantial, actually it feels like you have some high-end, as you may be able to say I fell for it, I hope it works as well as it looks.

Battery Options

One of the main attractions of Odin 100 is the capacity of 21,700 batteries, can also accommodate 20700 or 18650 using the battery adapter is included, but it is an interesting option 21700, the use Molicel 21700 P42A (30A, 4200mAh) may be more comfortable with electricity with a battery life,


Really nice touch is to wrap a battery included corresponding 21700 or 20700 or on impulse, they are too large to fit 18650.

With the machine Odin slot then your eyes battery so wrapped ordinary very welcome, if you do not know what color goes for you, even plastic slide to see how it will look, I decided to go for obviously the money appear after disarming the skin of your battery.

If you need help or advice on your battery repacking you should be able to find POTV looking forum or just ask, it is very easy, but it must be done safely.

I am very satisfied with the package is clear that the small details that enhance the appearance of the model.

Performance and operation

The first thing that hits you when you pop the battery in the rate at which it starts, is the speed of lightning shutter button 5 clicks to turn off / and instant! It is one of the highlights of the chipset Dovpo, similar to the range of the superstructure is also fast.

As Odin shares 100 design same key as dovpo nickel 230w mod click in uses the center button to the menu and confirm what makes the system easy even easier, since I like the color of the DNA chip that does not really take full advantage of without connecting it to a PC -chi and the choice can seem daunting enough for new users, but the menu Dovpo ideal for new users and experienced, and he was very quick to compose the settings and return to vaping.

Dovpo also introduced a color display for Odin 100 with graphics and icons, but information is kept on the ordinate screen and fairly easy to see the brightness quite well outside the box, set at 75%, which met the up to 100 % to see if I can see the light of the sun, but not enough to see, which is the same for the screen cDNA, so will have to get in the shade or inside to adjust.

I’m a lazy copy and paste into the manual to be fair, but probably would have been more confusing to explain.

Working mode switch

Long 1.5s Press the MENU button to display the options menu, press the + and – to select the mode, then press the menu button to confirm the selected mode.

Menu options include:

· POWER – BYPASS – TEMP – NI – TEMP – IT – TEMP – SS – Selection output, which can be a cycle – – ECA – Bright Puffs. Long press the + or – button to select quickly.

· Power: Watt Power Consumption 90.0W ready to brelan

· Sub BYPASS: battery voltage as 3.85V

· Sub-TEMP IP / IT / SS is the reference temperature

· As part of the TCR also adjust the temperature

· Under the breath is the time vaping today. In addition, two sub-RESTART – Output Puffs.

· Press RESET when vaping clear; to the press EXIT and then return to the previous menu.

· BRIGHT: brightness adjustment

· EXIT is out

Press the menu button and the simultaneous reduction 1S, display “locked” and is locked function, but usually can vape (Off and off screen a separate operation). A Pressing the menu button and the button is reduced to the same time to show 1S “KEY OPEN” and the system is open.

When it locked, and pressing the + and – buttons shows “locked, hold the SET AND UNLOCK button”

bumf technical enough, you can choose almost all the work of small adjustments to the menu for all reasonable and even if you fill in an environment that always has the option to reset.

Only two options were examined is power (watts) and voltage application BYPASS correctly according to Ohm coil – Ohm’s law for cheating, using various vapeciga topside dual from above into the CV mode and found that it is very good, he expected Odin 100 is good.

Using the Mini RTA find BYPASS BLOTTO I became one of my favorite forms of vaporizer, as long as no stranger beautiful son used as bypass behaves almost identically Mech but with all the safety features set mod.

So what’s so special about Odin 100?

To be clear, but it is quite on the chipset and USB-C, I can not find anything innovative Odin 100, features or gimmicks no new fangled to find and be honest, I do not see Dovpo claim anything to the contrary, but that does not Odin means 100 is not worth the highest point in the market, this collaboration has resulted in a very special thing that only occurs when you get your hands off it.

Vaping not just a means to an end, for me is a hobby or a passion so enjoy the experience of vaping all, if you try new equipment, DIY coils and reservoirs, etc. And much of the appeal is the appearance and aesthetics, Odin 100 is one of the best I’ve had.

Where should I buy or DNA75c Dovpo 100 chipset?

The obvious difference is the DNA75c price is around £ 50 more than you can see why Dovpo decided to release the traditional and more expensive models Odin so one is right for you?

Evo DNA75c chipset is probably the best thing for customization and development for DIY tank and Lcdo, however, need to connect to a PC and using evo software to make the most of it -chi not it is the easiest option to use and requires some knowledge of vaping tune vaporizer itself to complete, but once you have cracked so all functions and features are mind blowing, that says I think DNA75c is a waste if will use the coil storage tank or rudimentary plant watts, TC (temperature control) is where the DNA is really his.

The Dovpo 100 chipset is already one of my favorites, efficient, fast, easy to navigate and has all the features of the vapers most necessary or actually be used, with the price difference, I would say this is more than enough for the most users, especially if you intend to use the variable mode or bypass watts does not mean that the TC mode is not good, even in this superstructure my CV mode is all I use and work perfectly.

If you intend to use a tank coil values ​​or not to use the expert mode, then it is obvious that the choice of DNA would be a waste, is like driving a sports car just in front.


I’m pretty résumai my feelings above, but for those who jumped to the end, and then put it simply; If you like the look of Odin 100, then I’m sure you will like it when you get your hands on it, so I could see in the store, then it will become an immediate sale, if n ‘I have no money it would be much more obsessed with fundraising, it was one of the mods.

Do not expect a change of new game features, but you can expect a chipset Dovpo very good working all the major functions that can and should expect the generation mod today, not only that, but he did so fast! From the beginning or sleep to Vape almost instantaneous, and the menu navigation is ideal for beginners and experienced users.

DNA has become arrogant Honestly, I review not enthusiastic Odin 100, but was captured quickly and instant likes this wonderful mod, I like DNA75c honestly chipset is not without this chipset Dovpo do everything I need and have more mods DNA on Mostly I use it to squonking.

You can buy here: dovpo box mod

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