Hello, Pizza Dave here, give your opinion on Topside by vapeciga dovpo m vv and Brian TVC. It is highly regarded as almost everyone who has used a summit squonker year. I’m late to the game with the review, but that’s nothing!

WARNING: This unit was sent to me by HealthCabin for review.


1 Topside mod 90W

1 Micro USB cable

2 bottles of 10 ml (parts come in a separate package and a cap to be made)

1 battery adapter 18650



The Topside is a single battery, mod 5-90w of Squonk. It can be powered by 20700, 21700, 18650 or battery (with an adapter). Of the plant, it may be a watt device guide or running on bypass. TC features available via firmware (not tested by me). So those are the basics, but now what made this interesting mod, Squonk bottle. The device is equipped with a Squonk filled with 10 ml bottles a top side. It has a removable cap which exposes the filling of kidney shaped holes that reminds us while filling the tank. He was really innovative and takes the hassle of filling bottles go. It is one of the biggest drawbacks for most squonk mod show new. It is a mess and other processes, but not with this.


Brian on the PPV want to keep this simple and simple is what it is. 5 Click the button light switch on and off. Resist up / down button lock watts. Pressing the fire button down and together recalibration mode (watts and cut). That’s all there is to it. rolls progressively watts 0.5 watts, the rollers at a decent speed, and round robin. The screen of this device is a base, but shows all the details you need to know in a very obvious way.


The Topside is truly a game changer for Squonk device. It’s just complete simple and mess-free. Not only the work on this device, but I have the feeling it gives any business that “a-ha” moment and we will see more like this in 2019. The bottle itself owns. It can be removed by pulling on the bottom because it is placed with plastic frame and metal around it. For the purpose of cleaning, the housing can be removed with two screws.

One thing I noticed with this type of system is one of the biggest drawbacks of Topside. I saw other people have said the same thing, but basically, the device feels like it squonking, but no one goes to the GDR. What I found a bottle (of 4 I used it) does not close properly with the cap on the filling. If you do not seal, squeeze the bottle causes the air to escape here, and little or no fluid through the tube into the mod and made the GDR. This is a simple solution to get a replacement bottle, which comes with the new metal case, but this is a question I hope QC they can do a better job of catching.

HOW fried

The top is a great device, and is one of the first things you notice in hand. However, the way it did surprisingly easy to hold. I have zero problem with the height of the person, but I also have a very large claws. Not much to cover in terms of how real dizzy. It is equipped with a single chip that comes watts mode or bypass mode. That said, does what it is supposed to do. Press the shutter button, ramps quickly, providing a solid watts and watts Vaping unadorned. It really shines in squonking department. Not only is the Fill method is very practical, but also comes with a bottle of 10 ml. The only thing I did not like the upper cut to fill the bottle is not at the top of the bottle so that 10% of the bottles or better not to look and be a little difficult to complete the top.


The basium vape click in from above is by far one of the most innovative squonkers ever produced. The top of the filling is very comfortable, and is a well built device. The device is full of advantages, including a nice appearance, easy operation, good dislocation buttons, many colors, and the best system so far Squonk. I struggled to find an accountant with this device. One of them would be the size because size and weight, but quite small. The biggest disadvantage is no doubt that there are several bottles Squonk can not be closed properly and make it unnecessary this mod. Fortunately, Dovpo including spare bottle for kit and profitable opportunities to bottle this will work. I have not seen this tons reported so hopefully there are not many cases of this happening. If ever I find this Gush more about this. I still love this device. It was really good as expected, and are a better mods squonking 2018.


If the device has entered the oven, I’ll go out and get another? Yes, yes easy.


filling bottles top innovative Squonk

Style w / 6 color options

Simple and easy to use

Compatibility 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery

Suitable atomizers 25 mm without false


A little on the high side

A bottle not treated Squonk sealing and unnecessary

Thank you all for reading this review and thank you for Healthcabin send my way to the exam! I see this sale for $ 75-85 online.

As expected … pretty. The most interesting thing for something like that is really what it looks like. The combination of carbon and resin that forms the main body of the device looks very well and give it a new feel. I like the double top side, and it is still one of my favorite dovpo nickel 230w mod get code dual battery there, but they really stepped up with this one. It feels solid, looks great, and live up to what I thought it would be like in person.


This is where things complicated. I will not even be able to browse this part of myself without a book. Yihi always do things a little strange and the top is no exception. For normal use, it worked well, but it takes some time to get into how it’s done. We’ll try to break it down and make it simple.

5 Click the fire button turns the device

Once, 5 clicks of the fire button will take you to a menu where you can disable it and see the following options:


System – Turns on and off

Brightness – Adjust the brightness of the screen

Statistics – Puff and blows against reset

Exit – Exit menu


System – Turns on and off

TCR Settings – Set TCR

Unit – Changes between F and C

Brightness – Adjust the brightness of the screen

Statistics – Puff and blows against reset

Exit – Exit menu


Pressing the button will cycle to pass in fashion

Pressing the button shooting 3 times to lock or unlock all devices (will not fire)

Holding the Enter button will read resistance

As I said, it was not too terrible, but it’s just a different way of doing things. We are so conditioned to things like 5 clicks to turn the unit on and off so that it becomes second nature to the streets. This works, but it takes a minute to remember what to do. Clearly arranged menus and screens, so once you’re in, do not confuse.


So how does this compare to the usual Topside Ganda? In short, is basically the same, but it looks better. The Yihi chipset, for me, no better than they had before. However, I do the power of steam TC mess with all that much. I know that I tested on a double, and found that it was not very good at all. With this, it took a minute to play, but I think they have a decent temperature control, as provided for Yihi. In addition to the chip, he still has designs on a large filling. He also has a strong sense door, I have no complaints with, and is also suitable for the atomizer 30 mm filler cap (28mm realistic). Functional device sound in my opinion.


As I said at the beginning, I want one of these so bad. I love family Topside device. I never had a problem with leakage or other failures. I like how they are recharged, and I also like the look of them, but I will always be true. Doing this live the hype for me? Yes, but only in terms of appearance. I like the way this looks! However, I think they could throw chipset Yihi and go for a standard chip vapeciga topside it and shave some money on the price. I personally would love to see the DNA250C release a little more, but the price will rise. Nothing against Yihi, they are not as easy to use as other chips. Beyond Chip, I really liked. It is a favorite of my dual battery Squonk mod 2019, and thought they did a great job with him. There are very few cons for what it is, and I’ll use it to death.

You can buy here: dovpo mod  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/dovpo

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