Since the development of e-cigarettes, from the original FAW market status of smoking cessation products and big smoke competitive products, it has gradually developed to today’s product segmentation. The emergence of small-smoke equipment is undoubtedly accelerating Segmentation has enabled countless smokers to have more targeted products. The fierceness of small smoke equipment not only promotes the technological upgrade of all current equipment, but also makes the function of electronic cigarette products more clearly divided.

For the new generation of consumers, brand awareness in the traditional sense is gradually fading, and fashionable appearance and excellent styling are their primary choice factors. What I bring to you today is a product that grew up in the era of consumption upgrade, yooz vape.

yooz vape outer packaging

The first flagship product of YOOZ Technology, yooz, is very tall under the classic world lid packaging. The product is subdivided into packaging. The equipment and the cartridge are placed separately. Is full. Take out all the contents of the package, you can see that the YOOZ small cigarettes are equipped with smoke bombs4, USB charging data cable1, instruction manual*1, in addition to the main body of the device.

YOOZ vape equipment

The exterior of the YOOZ device body is made of anodized technology. The finely matte material makes the handheld feel more comfortable. The LED indicator in the middle of the front of the fuselage is similar to the nikekobe logo, and the YOOZ product logo is printed on the bottom of the back.

There are air intake holes on both sides of the fuselage, the actual intake resistance of the intake is relatively moderate, and the smoking experience is very comfortable.

The device uses the traditional USB charging interface. The charging data cable is made of nylon rope. Compared with other charging cables, YOOZ’s charging data cable is more powerful in terms of appearance and quality.

The battery capacity of 350mah, supported by the fast charging technology, the actual test charging takes only about 25 minutes to fully charge it. When the device is fully charged, it is tested with the frequency of use of the editor, which can support the battery life of about 18 hours. Through the intelligent power prompt that the indicator flashes three times, the remaining power can be observed in real time, which is very good.

The connection between the cartridge and the device uses magnetic connection. The magnetic stickers are located on both sides of the cartridge. Electrode patches of the same gold-plated material are placed inside the magnetic stickers. The device is also arranged for this purpose.

The air inlet of the cartridge is located in the middle of the bottom of the cartridge, and there is a honeycomb pattern slot inside. The air flow is subdivided into the inside, and the smoking experience is more comfortable. The buckle of the cartridge base is also located inside the cartridge, which ensures the integrity of the appearance and also eliminates the possibility of leakage of the cartridge.

The atomizing core adopts the popular and well-known FEELM ceramic honeycomb atomizing core. Most users of this atomizing core should know more about it. Its excellent atomizing experience and strong performance to maintain the freshness of the smoke oil atomization are endless. Provide users with an excellent smoking experience. The capacity of 2ml is enough for users to smoke for 4 days.

There are four flavors of tobacco, mint, black ice and mung bean inside the YOOZ small cigarette. The concentration of 50mg nicotine salt is not very strong in the actual smoking experience. The scent of mint is very well done and the coolness is moderate.

The coolness of black ice is more powerful than that of mint, but the fragrance of mint is slightly reduced. Tobacco is not cool, but the degree of reduction of the tobacco is very good, and the woody feeling is very clear.

The favorite among the four flavors is the remaining mung beans. The mung bean smoothie has a lower coolness. There is a sense of green mood ice cream. There is no discomfort when smoking in winter.