What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as “electronic atomization cigarette”, which has a cigarette is essentially different, it does not burn, only with purified nicotine, does not contain tar, nicotine-free, non-regular cigarettes contain Of chemicals that cause diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems,Removed other carcinogens from ordinary cigarettes.

Just like this stylish electronic cigarette, when the user smokes it, the smoke will be generated like real smoking. In the smoke, the user can enjoy the same mood as the real cigarette.

It consists of a stainless steel shell with built-in lithium battery, airflow sensor, control circuit, execution circuit, high-power integrated circuit, high-frequency ultrasonic generator, atomization chamber, and smoke liquid core.

Stay away from the smell of smoke

Although steam smoke looks similar to cigarettes, they are two completely different things. Smokers may move around with an unpleasant smell all day long, and when e-cigarette users move around, they smell like desserts, fruits and marshmallows, and they taste pretty good.

Return to health

Many smokers do not exercise just because they feel that smoking is unhealthy after marriage and exercise is a waste of time. They will become hopeless and fall into an endless vicious circle, obesity, health problems, depression and the worst: smoking.

Feeling better

Those who have switched to using e-cigarettes have always talked about the benefits of e-cigarettes, such as: no coughing, better skin, less irritability, feeling more power, etc. Other benefits of nebulization include less nausea, improved blood circulation and smell, and improved taste.

Save money

Now there are many starter kits, the price is below 200 yuan, so you can quickly feel the benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes at any time. Once you have purchased a good host and atomizer, the consumables you will need in the future are cigarette oil and atomizing core.

More types

One of the biggest advantages of smoking e-cigarettes is that users can choose their own tastes and styles. There are many different styles, and each device has its own personality.


Users can also choose the exact nicotine content they need to help them quit smoking completely. .