Wotofo is a very popular e liquid formula made by Wotofo Technologies, Inc. It is a great replacement to most popular premade e liquids. In this Wotofo Review I will go through each attribute of Wotofo and compare it to prepare e liquid formulas.

Wotofo is a new RDA that has some very neat features. First the bottle itself is a big transparent glass tube that allows you to see the liquid inside. One side of the tube is sealed, which means you can’t see the contents. That is good because you don’t want to try to pour your juice in to see how much is left. The other advantage of not seeing what’s inside the bottle is the troll x glass tube.

The Wotofo Smrt PNP is one of the newest RDA’s on the market. The Wotofo Smrt PNP is extremely easy to refill. You simply unscrew the top and put in your preloaded woof liquid. This is one of the few’s on the market that actually allows you to view full product details through its transparent glass tube. I’m going to go over all three sizes of the Wotofo Smrt PNP so you can see how easy it is to refill.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo Nexmesh RDA – This is the RDA with the most space. It has the most number of adjustable settings and interchangeable parts. You can easily adjust the temperature with the two high setting knobs and five low setting knobs. It also has nexmetal coils for optimal smelling drinks.

Wotofo NeXmx Ps Dual Mesh – This is the smallest of all the sizes. While it has the same number of watts, it only has a hundred wattage. This is perfect for people who are experimenting by creating smaller wattage profiles.

Wotofo Pro SS RDA – This one is the biggest. It has two tanks, a separate sub-tank, and three wattage levels. The Wotofo Pro has four major settings: parallel (aka “standard”), dual, and max. This is my favorite size because everything is at the same level.

Wotofo Pro SS RDA 2 x – The second version of the Wotofo Pro has an adjustable backlit keys. It also has two tanks, a separate sub-tank, and three cottages. This is probably my favorite size. I like being able to adjust the backlit keys. It’s the perfect size for experimenting with different flavors of liquids and spraying different textures. The squonky way to describe it is like liquid candy.

The best way to describe it is that the Wotofo Pro SS RDA is a fantastic airbrush bottle with some excellent features. It allows you to experiment with different profiles and airflow amounts while building your own custom airbrush. If you don’t mind squinting at it a lot and love the feel of a solid glass bottle with a solid body, this is definitely the one for you. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great cup of coffee, or any other liquid for that matter, without the mess and fuss of a lot of other bottles. The adjustable side airflow and squonky bottle make this bottle a favorite with many people.

Wotofo Pro has an adjustable airflow control and dual continuous-flow engines. The skunk control allows you to change the amount of squonks, so you can get a strong jet stream or a more diffuse flow pattern. The dual continuous-flow engines will allow you to use your favorite skunk flavor with the efficiency of a double-feeder, and they come in a wide variety of wattage ranges from three watts to six watts.

Wotofo also has a preinstalled mesh rda. This mesh area holds one preloaded sample of your favorite e juice, or any other flavor for that matter, preinstalled and ready to go. This is a great benefit over the competition. I like the fact that the Wotofo Pro has two airflow systems, one larger than the other, and the mesh rda also has its own air box. This means you get a tighter seal and less leakage through the mesh channel.

I really enjoy the Wotofo as a result of its features and ease of use. While it may not be the ultimate device out there by any means, it definitely fits the bill. It’s compact size fits easily in a kitchen cabinet or on the counter. If you’re looking for an all in one juice maker, with a flexible honeycomb pattern for top Performance, and dual mesh channels for an efficient air flow system, Wotofo may be a suitable model for you.