The new Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA by Vapers Anonymous is a miniaturized version of their best selling original and at only $30 more it has proven to be the superior upgrade. They have taken the airflow controls for their RDA to a whole new level. This means increased vapor production and decreased cooling effects on the internal components of the RDA. With the V2, you can now experience all of the benefits of a full-size replacement without the price. If you are new to the world of electronic cigarettes or just want something that will get you through the day without going broke, this may be the way to go. For an all day easy replacement, you don’t need to look any further than the Vaper Devices line of products.

dead rabbit v2

The new dead rabbit v2 RDA by Vapers Anonymous features a new updated, standard single arm design. This gives the user a more unique look and feel than the original. The new deck design is also something completely unique, and is a huge improvement over the original. The deck is made out of two separate chambers, which utilize honeycomb airflow technology. The airflow chambers are designed in such a way as to push warm air directly into the coils of the RDA, while simultaneously pulling cool air from the sides.

With the original dead rabbit v2, you would have to physically remove the original airbox and scrape off the insides to access the airflow system. It’s not very practical and required the individual to have access to an electrical outlet in order to perform the change. This also meant that changing the battery was more complicated than desired. The new dead rabbit v2 RDA does not require any additional outlets and utilizes the standard twelve-volt power source just like the original. This means that there is no hassle or complications associated with changing the batteries.

One of the best new features on the dead rabbit v2 RDA, which many users appreciate, is its adjustable airflow system. The electronic readouts are clearly visible and can be adjusted in order to reduce or increase airflow. In addition to this, you can adjust airflow based on your personal temperature preference. The original dead rabbit rda has a single adjuster on the front, while the v2 has four. This allows you to fine tune the temperature of the air that is pulled through your airbrush.

Other notable differences between the original dead rabbit v2 and the v2 are the extra safety measures. While the first version used an unprotected heating plate to provide heat, the v2 uses a stainless steel heating plate with preinstalled air holes. This prevents the possibility of over-heating, which could cause serious burns. Also, the heating plate is enclosed in a safety ring, which is also used to prevent accidental burns.

The new dead rabbit v2 RDA utilizes a single-sided coin cell as opposed to the two-sided coin cells of the original model. With the newer design, the coil draws power from the positive side of the battery, and the plate draws power from the negative side. The result is an atomizer that run much cooler than its predecessors, and there is no need to flip the coil over in order to draw air into the atomizer. The new unit also has a replaceable ceramic coil, so it is very easy to change the flavor of your vaporizer. There is also a replaceable airflow meter, which makes it easier to find the perfect airflow for you.

The dead rabbit v2 RDA has a built in electronic keypad and a replaceable bottom screen. Although the electronic keypad is not as touch sensitive as some models, it is still a good keypad for beginners. On the bottom, there is a place to screw in a micro USB plug for charging your e juice kit. It’s a simple design, but the electronic keypad is a nice touch, as it allows you to select your favorite flavor without having to type in a long list of numbers.

The two biggest differences between the original dead rabbit v2 and the v2 are the number of milliamps it pulls per minute, and the bottom screen. If you are a strong vaper, you will probably want to stay away from this one, as it can burn your new wicks. The v2 also has a top cap that is made of black rubber to match the color scheme of the tank, but the electronic keypad and drip tip are a nice touch.