On July 22, according to Canadian media reports, a study titled “Vape and smoking rates among young people in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States: repeated national cross-sectional surveys” showed that the study was published in BMJ in 2019 in Experience After years of continuous decline, the youth smoking rate has risen significantly, shocking the Canadian Electronic Cigarette Association, health authorities and parents across the country.

Many people believe that nebulization is the reason for the sudden increase in smoking among young people. However, the publication of the Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Survey (CSTADS) by Health Canada has resulted in forced corrections and will be published on BMJ YOOZ Replacement Pod Cartridge.

“In BMJ’s original paper, the change in smoking rates in Canada from 2017 to 2018 in the past 30 days was reported to be 10.7% to 15.5% (a statistically significant increase), and the weight is now being adjusted to 10.7% to 10.0%. (No major changes).”

Through this correction, it can be concluded that the youth smoking rate is continuing to decline, which indicates that vape smoking is not the gateway to combustible tobacco.

CVA Executive Director Darryl Tempest said that CVA has always been a supporter of protecting young people from nicotine addiction and we are very pleased to see that incorrect information has been corrected because the incorrect statistics previously reported in this study have been used Defend legislation against the most successful harm reduction products on the market YOOZ vape.

The Royal College of Physicians has concluded for the sixth consecutive year that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. E-cigarettes are intended as a tool for adult smokers to reduce harm. It is not suitable for young people or non-smokers. E-cigarettes have been repeatedly proven to be the most effective smoking cessation products in the world. Smokers are 83% more likely to successfully quit smoking through e-cigarettes than any other smoking cessation products.

CVA stated that as members of society, we are all working hard to ensure that young people are not harmed. Therefore, the research on the harm of vape to young people must be accurate, because many measures to protect young people will have an adverse effect on adult smokers to reduce their harm, so this is crucial YOOZ Vape Pod System.

Now, the analysis of the data accurately reflects that there is no link between youth smoking and smoking. Vape is the most successful tool to reduce harm, not the entrance to smoking, and legislation must reflect this to save the lives of millions of Canadian smokers.