The Uwell Caliburn  is one of the most popular vaporizers available today. This device is very easy to use and has an ergonomic design. The main feature of this product is the removable drip tip. You can also adjust the airflow through the wide fill ports. The Uwell is not a leaking vaporizer. To use the Caliburn, simply insert the pod into the device and push it in until you hear the click of the pod.

In order to charge the Uwell Caliburn, you need a USB port. You can use a micro USB charging cable to connect your device to your computer. You should use the right USB adaptor when you buy one. Make sure that you use a one-amp wall adaptor. Do not try to charge the Caliburn with other devices, as it may cause it to overheat and malfunction. To ensure the best performance, try using the USB cable that is compatible with the Uwell charger.

Another important step to charge the Uwell Caliburn is to make sure that you’re using the right e-liquid. The Caliburn can only operate at a high temperature and is not recommended for prolonged use. To prevent this from happening, use e-liquid that contains 70 percent or less vegetable glycerine. If you use a high-VG e-liquid, it may not flow efficiently through the wick openings in the pod, which could cause dry hits. You should also make sure that the e-liquid covers the coil’s wick holes.


The Uwell Caliburn  has an LED indicator that blinks various colours to indicate the battery charge status. It blinks red when the battery is nearly empty, blue when it is halfway charged, and green when it’s full. It is designed for convenience. The Uwell Caliburn Koko uses the same Caliburn G pod and coils. The Uwell Caliburn uses the same Pods as the standard model.

The Uwell Caliburn features a 2-ml pod cartridge with a maximum capacity of 2ml. The pod is a top-fill design, which means you need to remove the drip tip to access the dual fill ports. When filling the pod, it automatically clicks into place due to strong magnets. It’s very easy to refill the Uwell Cliburn! There’s a user manual for the device and the instructions.

The Uwell Caliburn  uses a refillable pod system, which is more convenient than using pre-filled pods. This system offers better performance, and there’s no need to deal with hassles like leaking. The Uwell Pod Kit is compatible with both nic juice and salt nic juice. It also features a magnetic connection to the device and its Pod, which means you can easily refill the cartridge without any complications.

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