In recent years, I don’t know if you have found many young people who will hold Vape. Can’t stand ordinary cigarettes, Vape looks cool and handsome! There is a warm reminder to beat it: in fact, whether it is cool depends mainly on the face. However Advken Vaping, many people who want to smoke Vape or use Vape to quit smoking have questions, is Vape considered a cigarette? The answer is obvious. Vape is not considered a cigarette. It is fundamentally different from cigarettes or tobacco as we know it.

Vape, like countless other products, just like YOOZ Vape Pod System began to spread to China after being popular in Europe and America. The difference is that before Vape became popular in Europe and the United States, it was invented by the famous Chinese pharmacist Han Li.

Since his father died of lung cancer caused by smoking, he began to study effective ways to quit smoking. In 2003, he invented the first generation of Vape, which was produced and sold for the first time internationally.

Therefore, most imported Vape on the market are made in China.

Vape is an electronic product that is smoked after the e-liquid is converted into steam by heating and atomization YOOZ Replacement Pod Cartridge . Major foreign academic publications do not call Vape a tobacco product.

Marcus Munafò, editor-in-chief of Nicotine and Tobacco Studies, explained in an article entitled “Is Vape a tobacco product?” that the magazine only uses the term “tobacco product” to describe items that contain actual tobacco leaves.

This change is very important because “Nicotine and Tobacco Research” is the most important academic journal YOOZ Vape, focusing on topics related to tobacco and nicotine. The abandonment of the terms used by the FDA in the definition of “tobacco products” may mark a turning point in the attitude of scientists in this field to e-cigarettes.

PHE, an official from the British Ministry of Health, said the use of Vape does not meet the legal or clinical definition of smoking. In addition IJOY Vape, international peer-reviewed evidence shows that compared with cigarettes, Vape is basically harmless to the human body, which helps reduce smoking rates and improve public health. Therefore, the policy needs to clarify the difference between Vape and smoking. In particular, the use of Vape is not subject to smoke-free regulations and should not be included in the organization’s smoke-free policy requirements.