The AEGIS Boost is one of the newest vaporizers from GeekVape. The company has a reputation for making some of the best high quality vaporizers on the market. The AEGis Boost is no exception. Here we take a look at the AEGis Boost and see how it performs.

aegis boost

This vaporizer produces a very realistic and unique flavor. I got my first taste of the AEGis Boost from a free vaporizer sample offer. From the first time I tried the flavor, I was impressed. The flavor reminded me a lot of the minty flavor of a normal Vandy flavors product but with a much cooler and more fruity twist.

The AEGIS boost has a recessed port, a touch button bottom airflow system, an open end with a leak proof cap, and a standard aegis base. The unit also includes a rattle tin cover and a carrying case. The design of the AEGis Boost is really great. It has a futuristic look, sort of like a bulky e-bike with its silver and black color scheme and what looks like a futuristic handle.

This vaporizer is powered by one of the newest and greatest aegis boosting systems, the jackaroo pod. The jackaroo pod kit is actually a new style of base that allows you to use this vaporizer without the traditional base that most vaporizers use. What’s cool about the jackaroo pod kit is that it allows you to use your aegis boost with a tankless mod, such as the vaporizermoder. Also, because of this base, you can use just about any mod that can be used with a tank, including the popular vaper. So if you want to go fast, you can get the aegis boost with a tank and some mod. The only downfall to this vaporizer is that it does not have a USB Port or a battery life, but overall the design is really good.

One thing I really love about the AEGIS Boost is its ability to control the flavor. You can add flavors to make your vapor really unique. For example, I use strawberry and blueberry for the summertime flavor. At night, I add apple for a good relaxing scent. I have tried many different geeksvape products and I have to say that the aegis vaporizer is about the best for controlling how much vapor you are creating and the quality of it.

The aegis system has two separate chambers in the device, the top chamber has three coils and a bottom coil. This allows you to control how much airflow goes into each one. Because each is sealed off from the others, you get more control. You can use aegis boosting to get a thicker and fuller head on your liquid, which also means that you will have less mess and a larger spill to clean up.

One thing that I would like to mention about the AEGIS Boost is the fact that it is powered by a jackaroo power core. This means that you can expect a much longer lasting battery than most other devices on the market right now. It will also last you a lot longer than most aegis units, especially since the adjustable airflow ensures that you don’t run out of power. The base of the device has a plug in connector which allows you to use the device right out of the box without any installation required. If you do install it, however, there is an adjustable airflow control which makes it so you can change the power level of the unit to allow for more or less airflow.

When you are using this AEGIS Boost, the controls on the side pop up and can be used to turn the unit on or off, adjust the power, as well as turn on the auto-fire mode. There is a large red button which when clicked will turn on the auto-fire function. From here you have a couple of different options, depending on what you want to do with the unit. You can either start the fire by clicking the fire button twice, or you can hold down the fire button until the red button light comes on.